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2016 Mazda CX-9: What’s the Big Deal?

The other day, a luxury SUV with about the same interior space as a Nissan Rogue but with a $ 50,000 price tag was delivered to our Atlanta offices. I don’t want to say...

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MIT’s smarter routers promise to fight crowded networks

<img src=”” />MIT hates overcrowded networks just as much as you do, and its CSAIL division has made two breakthroughs that could clear up the data pipes. To begin with, it's developing programmable routers...

Jon Stewart shows up on the last ‘Nightly’ 0

Jon Stewart shows up on the last ‘Nightly’

“The Nightly Show” was canceled after just 18 months, so Jon Stewart stopped by the last episode to offer some words of wisdom to host Larry Wilmore. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

How to Bounce Back After Foreclosure 0

How to Bounce Back After Foreclosure

By Deborah Kearns Philip and Denise Powell lost their home in 2011 after Philip’s hours as a pastor were cut in half and Denise was sidelined by a surgery. But they were determined to...

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PSN’s first Humble Bundle gives you Capcom games at a discount

<img src=”” />Humble Bundle is best-known for its PC game offers, but it's branching out in a big way. It's partnering with Capcom and Sony to launch PSN's first-ever Humble Bundle, the appropriately titled...

4DX takes the movie experience to a whole new dimension 0

4DX takes the movie experience to a whole new dimension

In a new era of video streaming, the movie theater is facing stiff competition, but new interactive tech is getting moviegoers back into the theater. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

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Amazon is rebooting Scorsese’s ‘The Departed’ into a TV series

<img src=”” />Streaming services continue to gobble up popular titles to adapt and reimagine for their content-craving audiences. But unlike Netflix's recent decision to adapt the timeless children's novel Anne of Green Gables, Amazon...

Why Dolly Parton is writing about politics 0

Why Dolly Parton is writing about politics

Dolly Parton tells Christine Romans how she finds inspiration in the “crazy” election, writing songs for the new album Pure & Simple. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

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Visa-powered payment ring is now available to everyone

<img src=”” />That Visa-based payment ring is no longer limited to athletes who made it to the Olympics in Rio. Anyone can now pre-order an NFC Ring that lets you tap to pay at...

John Oliver to Donald Trump: ‘drop out’ 0

John Oliver to Donald Trump: ‘drop out’

John Oliver gives Donald Trump another option for how he can continue with his campaign in the wake of Paul Manafort’s resignation. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

Yale Gets Educated In Retirement Plans 0

Yale Gets Educated In Retirement Plans

The educational community was rocked by the recent filing of class action complaints against Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Yale University, Duke University, Vanderbilt University and Johns Hopkins University. These suits generally...

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Boomerang uses AI to help you write emails people will read

<img src=”” />Why don't you get a response to every email you write? It's possible your recipient is busy. Maybe it didn't reach them. Or maybe, just maybe, you didn't write a quality email...

Computers Are For Girls, Too 0

Computers Are For Girls, Too

I remember three things about my first computer science class in college. First, improbably, the professor was named Ramm, as in “random access memory.” Second, the class was about processors, and I only had...

Kimmel gives Clinton health test 0

Kimmel gives Clinton health test

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Kimmel gave Hillary Clinton a health test — opening a jar of pickles. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

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Google’s using neural networks to make image files smaller

<img src=”” />Somewhere at Google, researchers are blurring the line between reality and fiction. Tell me if you've heard this one, Silicon Valley fans — a small team builds a neural network for the...

Puerto Rico Makes Olympic History 0

Puerto Rico Makes Olympic History

The island nation of Puerto Rico has had some of the athletes competing in the world of sports. The island has had great boxers, track and field, basketball teams, Judokas — all participating in...

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The Daily Share – RSS Channel – Entertainment

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Google will downplay mobile websites with intrusive pop-ups

<img src=”” />It's bad enough when you deal with third-party pop-up ads, but it's that much worse when the site itself shows pop-ups. Do you really want to subscribe to that newsletter before you've...

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald is pregnant again 0

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald is pregnant again

Jessa and Ben Seewald aren’t waiting long to give their nine-month-old son Spurgeon a sibling. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

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Tesla unveils 100 kWh battery for Model X and S

<img src=”” />Tesla's latest innovation is a 100 kWh battery pack for the Model X and Model S that can travel up to 315 miles non-stop, an improvement over its existing 90 kWh model....

‘Law & Order’ actor Steven Hill dead at 94 0

‘Law & Order’ actor Steven Hill dead at 94

Steven Hill, best known for playing District Attorney Adam Schiff on NBC’s “Law & Order,” has died, his son Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Hill confirmed to CNN. He was 94. – RSS Channel –...

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Augmented Reality is All Go Go Go

Shan Henderson, Mobile Director of Yahoo UK Yahoo’s Director of Mobile, Shan Henderson, mulls over the madness of Pokémon Go One fact in the mobile gaming industry is beyond doubt at present: every gaming...

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PlayStation Now will soon let you play anywhere you have a PC

<img src=”” />Analysts have been predicted the death of game consoles for years — and while they're usually wrong, PlayStation Now is the strongest living argument for a gaming industry without iterative hardware. Sony's...

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Samsung launches first 4G, Tizen-powered smartphone in India

<img src=”” />Samsung's experiment with the Tizen operating system hasn't shown up in more than a couple of handsets and some Gear smartwatches so far, but the smartphone behemoth still believes the open-source platform...